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Origin Code Academy offers day and night classes built on intensive study in software development, career coaching, and networking.

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Model turned software developer in just 12 weeks...

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Veterans in San Diego start a new career in tech in just 12 weeks...

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Course Report

Course Report

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Our ratings on Course Report.

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Private Code Academies Stake Their Claims in San Diego

Private “coding academies”—vocational schools that provide accelerated training for software development jobs—have begun to sprout in San Diego.

The newest arrival, Origin Code Academy, is recruiting students for its first class on Sept. 21, and says it is the first coding education provider in San Diego “to guarantee its students a software development job within 90 days of graduating.”

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Our job is to get you one

Our primary focus at Origin is to ensure that students leave our program with the knowledge and necessary skills to start a career as a software developer. We ask companies which skills would be most valuable to their team, which shapes our curriculum.

Twelve Weeks

Our course is 12 weeks of intensive study.
Start your career in months, not years.

Coding Skills

We teach the fundamentals of programming and full stack web development.

Career Services

We partner with employers to place our students and offer guidance throughout your job search.

Our Alumni

Meet a few of our previous students and find why Origin Code Academy is the preferred choice.

Origin made it possible for me to change my career in under 6 months and be on the track to doing something I love!

Christopher Duflo Everyone Counts

Origin Code Academy has helped me achieve my goals and I could not be more grateful for that.

Jeff Ward Universal Music Group

I just finished my first week as a full-stack software developer, which would not have happened without Origin Code Academy!

Karen Snyder Forward Slope

Daily Schedule

Our class is full time, Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 05:00pm.

  • Morning Coffee

    Get here early and talk shop with your instructors and fellow students over free coffee.

  • Daily Standup Meeting

    Take part in a daily 15 minute meeting where everybody stands up and answers three questions - what have you completed, what are you working on today, and what obstacles are standing in your way?

  • Coding Challenge

    Pair with a partner to practice solving coding problems typically seen in the job interview process.

  • Lunch

    Refuel at one of the dozens of nearby food joints in downtown San Diego.

  • Practical Work

    Complete larger projects aimed at teaching you high level skills around project management, team communication and writing clean code that adheres to commonly accepted style guides.

    Our instructors are on hand all day to answer any questions and help you when you get stuck.

  • Open Hour

    Present lightning talks on a coding topic to fellow students, solve logic puzzles to sharpen your problem solving ability, take part in interview code test workshops, discuss interview questions commonly asked after class, anything can happen in open hour.

  • Study Time

    We provide 24 hour access to our facilities so that most of our students can continue to study and complete projects into the night.

    Be sure to exercise and sleep, it starts all over again at 9:00am!

See Our Curriculum

Check out what you'll learn

Origin Code Academy is a twelve-week boot camp that primarily focuses on full stack web development using the .NET Framework and popular front-end web technologies while also focusing on the secondary skills needed to participate in the enterprise software development lifecycle.

Week 1: Software Development
Week 2: Frontend Development
Week 3: Consuming Data
Week 4: The .NET Framework
Week 5: Database Technologies
Week 6: Full Stack Development
Week 7: Group Projects
Week 8: Group Projects
Week 9: Devoted Coding Time
Week 10: Devoted Coding Time
Week 11: Devoted Coding Time
Week 12: Professional Skills Week

Get the Syllabus

See what languages and concepts we cover, in detail.

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