Demo Day at Origin Code Academy 6.0

We have the final projects of our current Cohort 6.0 on display. After all their hard work and partnering with local entrepreneurs, they will present their web and mobile apps to a panel of Employers, family and friends!

Come see what’s possible and all the students have learned over the last 12 weeks……then hire them afterwards 🙂

Final Projects:

Team Phun
A quote generator for the San Diego based company, “Team Phun”, which automates the algorithm they use to quote an order for their promotional merchandise business.

A web application to provide an event planning tool for a local wine and paint company. The platform allows them to publish events as well as register and notify attendees.

A website and iOS native mobile application used to create and publish audio tours for user purchase through an online store.

Real-world business application designed for companies that use Shopify as their e-commerce platform. Developed for sale in the Shopify app store for, the system extends the native Shopify content management tools with rule engine business intelligence and features a rule engine admin and rule evaluator service.

Phase II development of the Origin Code Academy Intranet for Employees, Current Students and Alumni. Completed implementation of the real-time chat client with message notification, document sharing, emoji and giphy support. Revisions to the dashboard layout look and feel. User role to content category management implementation.

A hybrid mobile application designed for to stream and bookmark tracks from their Musolist podcasts, and connect users everywhere to the great local music scene of San Diego.

Firm Connection
A web-based document management solution that automates digital document sharing between the attorneys and clients of the Mashiri Law Firm of San Diego.

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