Digital Trade School and San Diego Tech Employers Develop Career-Building Co-op

SAN DIEGO – April 4, 2018 – Origin Code Academy, San Diego’s code school dedicated to job placement, today announced that 100 graduates have officially been hired as full-time developers. More than 108 companies across Southern California – including MindTouch, Sony, HP and Northrop Grumman – have hired one or more Origin Code Academy graduates for a variety of tech roles, from web and app developers to systems analysts.

“Since opening the Academy in late 2015, we’ve seen the demand for well-trained, highly motivated programming talent continue to grow across San Diego and Los Angeles,” said Jeff Winkler, founder and CEO of Origin Code Academy. “Southern California’s tech sector is a hotbed for opportunity and we’re quite proud to have helped 100 people find their place in this amazing ecosystem. We’ve proven that if you really want to chase a career in tech, you can do it here in as little as 12 weeks.”

According to the annual Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report, San Diego placed first among U.S. cities for projected tech hiring in 2018. The report also found that 29 percent of San Diego CIOs plan to add full-time technology professionals to their teams in early 2018 – an increase of 14 percent over the first quarter of 2017. A staggering 61 percent of local CIOs also say it’s difficult to find skilled IT professionals in the San Diego job market.

“San Diego is definitely a candidates market,” said Chris Shoemaker, Talent Acquisition Lead for MindTouch. “There’s a lot of companies out there trying to find that highly experienced talent, so it’s competitive for the senior developers, but for the junior developers – those with less than two or three years of experience –  there’s a bigger barrier to entry. That’s where Origin Code Academy graduates can really benefit from having doors opened for them and getting a foothold in the marketplace.”

Origin Code Academy teaches a variety of technology stacks and programming frameworks, including Javascript, React, HTML and CSS. Students also learn how to work with database technologies and APIs, and how to develop real-time applications.  Other highly valued skills such as Source Control and Test Driven Development are also important components of the Academy curriculum.

“A year ago I was working in financial services, so I’ve undergone a complete career metamorphosis,” said Corey Cacananta, the 100th graduate from Origin Code Academy to secure a full-time programming job. “Origin Code Academy has served as an alternative path to achieving my tech career goals, even when starting from ground zero.”

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About Origin Code Academy

Origin Code Academy, headquartered in downtown San Diego, offers programmer training and mentoring from industry practitioners that are experts in a number of programming languages, including Javascript, Angular, React, CSS and HTML.  To apply for classes at Origin Code Academy or to learn more about the organization, visit