Everything One Needs to Know to Become Bootcamp-Ready Now Available at OriginCodeAcademy.com

Origin Code Academy, San Diego’s code school dedicated to job placement, today announced that it has developed prerequisite courseware that it is making available for free to anyone interested in preparing themselves to attend the Academy, or to anyone simply interested in learning the basics of writing code. The courseware, which teaches the fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, is available now at OriginCodeAcademy.com.

Origin Code Academy Coding Bootcamp Prep

Sneak peak of the first lesson in our new Free Coding Bootcamp Prep Program

“We’ve made it as simple as possible for people with absolutely no coding experience to get started and to begin understanding the fundamental concepts of writing code,” said Jeff Winkler, Founder and CEO of Origin Code Academy. “The online courseware is a great way for people to find out if software programming is something they’re interested in learning further, before putting money down on a code bootcamp or pursuing a Computer Science degree.”

Origin Code Academy’s online learning program utilizes an interactive video format to help teach the curriculum. Viewers can pause and edit the on-screen code at any given time. This format gives those that struggle to understand certain concepts the ability to hit pause, jump into the environment and experiment with the code until it’s fully understood.

“This is a very innovative and engaging way of learning how to write code,” Winkler said. “Users are presented with small coding challenges designed to introduce the basics to early-stage programmers. You almost don’t even realize you’re learning very important, fundamental concepts by solving the challenges presented. And because it’s interactive, it makes the experience of learning significantly better.”

The online courseware is completely free of charge and is available simply by signing up at:

Origin Code Academy teaches a variety of technology stacks and programming frameworks, including Javascript, React, HTML and CSS. Students also learn how to work with database technologies and APIs, and how to develop real-time applications.  Other highly valued skills such as Source Control and Test Driven Development are also important components of the Academy curriculum.

Earlier this month, Origin Code Academy announced that 100 graduates have officially been hired as full-time developers. To learn more about Origin Code Academy, or to sign up for its free prerequisite courseware, visit OriginCodeAcademy.com.

Origin Code Academy Students

Origin Code Academy teaches a variety of technology stacks and programming frameworks, including Javascript, React, HTML and CSS.

About Origin Code Academy

Origin Code Academy, headquartered in downtown San Diego, offers programmer training and mentoring from industry practitioners that are experts in a number of programming languages, including Javascript, Angular, React, CSS and HTML.  To apply for classes at Origin Code Academy or to learn more about the organization and what we teach read more about our program.