Larry Custodio recently graduated from Origin Code Academy and most recently accepted a position as a software engineer at Facebook after attending our coding bootcamp in San Diego, California.

Larry’s persistence as a student at Origin shows how with hard work and persistence, you can achieve success and find a career in software development that you love.

As a student, Larry has invested the time to learn, understand, and perfect all of his coding projects and portfolio pieces he’s created during his time at Origin Code Academy. Not only did he invest the time to make sure his code was working, he made it a point to make sure that it looked good as well.

At Origin, we believe the six core values to becoming a software developer are:

  • Diligence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Accountability
  • Positivity
  • Community
  • Respect

We look for these values during the admissions process to ensure that students are aware of what it takes to become a software developer in today’s tech world where these coding jobs are in high-demand all across the world.

Learning how to code is a serious investment in your career and future. Anyone is capable of learning how to code regardless of their background. There are key skills that will make you successful. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not, or if you suck at math. These skills can be attained, and Larry’s story shows how someone can go to a coding bootcamp to slingshot into a new career at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional 4-year degree.

Going to A Traditional 4-Year University

Larry graduated from UCSD in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotech and immediately jumped into a entry-level Research Scientist position working nine-to-five.

The first couple of years, he was happy, but then soon hit a wall where he didn’t see himself going anywhere in his current position. He wanted more. A sense of fulfillment that he was not getting at his current position. He took an extra two years after graduating to take night classes at a local junior college to see if he can something he was passionate about. But nothing clicked. Then four years after he graduated. He was let go. He received his last paycheck, a severance package, then that was the end of that.

He had lost his job.

What was he going to do now?

He could either start looking for another job doing the same thing he knew he didn’t like or try a career change to find something he would love. Starting a new career was pretty scary because he felt like what he learned as an undergrad would all go out the window and be useless.

During time after graduating from UCSD, he took a web design community college class and his professor told him that he had a knack for doing web design and asked him if he every thought about starting a career in web development.

He thought about it, and being at that place in his life he decided to dig in a little bit more.

So he started looking up coding schools and found a software developer bootcamp in the the Bay Area which looked interesting. Before he decided on leaving San Diego to join the coding bootcamp in the Bay Area, he met with Ryan in admissions to learn more about our hands on intensive coding bootcamp program here in downtown San Diego.

During his campus tour at Origin, Larry saw our wall of all of the graduates and where they got jobs and saw how students went from knowing nothing about code to making 6 figures as a software developer doing something they love, at large companies like Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and Universal Music Group.
He realized that he had found his passion to become a software developer, and seeing the other success stories he knew he could learn how to code and then finally get into a career he would love. Soon after Larry joined Origin Code Academy and started his journey towards his new career as a coder.

First Day At Origin Code Academy

On his first day Larry remembers reminding himself that he wanted to let his actions speak for themselves and that he can do this because he’s good at it. This was the start of his software developer bootcamp journey, and he knew it was going to be a challenge.
As a student at Origin Code Academy, Larry learned how to learned and was able to understand how to soak in the information at a rate where you don’t get stuck for long on coding challenges.

Larry admitted that being able to keep pace and not be influenced by where other people are was definitely a challenge. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others when you get stuck on certain aspects of the coding curriculum. You do what you can to power through, get it to where it is good enough, then you move on because there is more to learn.

Larry remembers how “the 72 hour hackathon became a two week project.” What never faltered was his willingness to grind through. Whether it meant coming in early, or staying late, he would really own up to it.

“At Origin you get the support of instructors to help you when you run into issues. It is inevitable when you are coding that you will hit a wall, having that support of the Origin team is helpful.”

Ultimately, according to Larry, it comes down to how much you are willing to put in, even if it means going the extra mile to learn and build on top of what you learned.

During his time at Origin, Larry got a feel for what it was like to work with other developers and to participate in building an actual app for a real employer. The employer he did the project for was so impressed that he gave Larry his first job. He was able to get hired as a software developer and then continued his learning after graduating from Origin to continue building on his solid set of coding skills.

Origin taught him the basics of software development and was able to understand how to solve problems by troubleshooting and debugging.

He realized that in the real world there are many ways to solve a problem. When you get a job as a web developer, it is your job to get the code working. It isn’t always pretty, but you need to be able to problem solve and get things to work even it the solution isn’t perfect or ideal. You have a goal and a job to complete, sometimes 90% is good enough to move on.

Getting Hired As A Software Developer At Facebook

We are proud to announce, that as of last week, Larry has accepted a new position as a software Developer at Facebook in Menlo Park.

This was the BIGGEST interview of his life . He prepared by working with other graduates and alumni. He also did plenty of coding exercises, utilized all the Origin instructors and resources to prepare.

After a few days of cramming and preparing, he was confident that he was ready.

Being as ready as he’ll ever be, he interviewed.

After leaving the interview, he received a call.

He received an offer right then and there!

Looking at the offer, Larry could not believe it.

Best. Day. Ever!

Job accepted!

Today Larry’s official title is “Software Engineer”.

Looking Back at His Time As A Student At Origin Code Academy

Larry remembers being frustrated during the learning processes and explains how intimidating it was going through the program learning how to become a software developer.

I remember walking back here and one of the instructors told me it’s like, “Go at your own pace, calm down. Don’t think like about the negatives of like, Oh I’m not going to get a job or it’s like it’s going to take me forever.“

“Focus on what’s in front of you. Work on something within your control”. In that case for me it’s finishing the curriculum and really doing well rather than like looking ahead.

“Find something that clicks and just really, really own up. Whether that be UX, whether that be backend, whether that be like being better at CSS or so on.”
Congrats to Larry Custodio for his new position as a software engineer at Facebook. This is truly an amazing feat and we’re proud you chose Origin Code Academy to learn how to code.