San Diego’s code school dedicated to job placement, today announced the debut of a series of weekly webinars intended to prepare people for attending the Academy, or to help those simply interested in learning the basics of writing code. The webinar series will address the fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, all of which are taught as part of Origin Code Academy’s free online learning program.

@OriginCodeAcad debuts webinar series for beginning programmers to learn the basics of writing code and become better prepared to attend OCA. #learntocode #programming #HTML #JavaScript #CSS #free #teched


“The webinars will help walk people through the prerequisite coursework that we offer to anyone interested in attending the Academy,” said Jeff Winkler, Founder and CEO of Origin Code Academy. “It’s another easy way for people to explore concepts, ask questions, and better understand the subject matter.”

The webinars will be held each Wednesday starting at 5:30 pm PT. A video of each week’s webinar will also be uploaded to YouTube.

Origin Code Academy teaches a variety of technology stacks and programming frameworks, including JavaScript, React, HTML and CSS. Students also learn how to work with database technologies and APIs, and how to develop real-time applications. Other highly valued skills such as Source Control and Test Driven Development are also important components of the Academy curriculum.

More than 100 Origin Code Academy graduates have officially been hired as full-time developers. To learn more about Origin Code Academy check out

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