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Why You Need to Boss Bots, Before They Boss You

All of us who have watched The Terminator films are well-aware that robots are going to take over the world and destroy mankind using artificial intelligence. According to the script, it should happen sometime before 2029. However, now is not the time to worry about that. The more relevant and more immediate concern is that […]

5 Reasons Kids Should Drop Out and Tune into Becoming a Software Developer

You see it happen in professional sports all the time. A new prodigy arrives on the scene, one who oozes with god-given natural talent, and begins living out his (or her) manifest destiny by dominating the game. Our contemporary examples include the likes of Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Serena Williams, and Bryce Harper.  All uber-talented, and all knew at a very young age that they weren’t going to be sitting behind a desk for a living.

Yet, far away from the bright lights of the playing field and ball courts, there’s a very similar talent emerging in the ambient glow of a computer screen.  You likely won’t ever know their names, and you won’t be seeing them appear on any television commercials. However, they too are destined to reign supreme in their trade, and have a major impact on their organization – and potentially the world.

Duck… Duck… QUACK!

By: Zak Dietzen After a great holiday break we are back at it. Quack is going to pretty much consume the rest of class time for me, but I am excited about that! I started off the project thinking about my database structure. This takes a lot of time to plan out and get correct. […]

A Week Worth Smiling About!

By: Zak Dietzen I ended up getting a slight cold and it really drained all of my energy this past weekend. Despite the small setback, this week has been awesome! I felt like I was completely lost last week working with Knockout, but now Zak is back! We learned about an alternative to KnockoutJS this […]

Fifth Week in Coding Bootcamp: Knockout JS, Front-End and Full-Stack Web Development, Bootstrap, Bower

By: Karen Snyder On October 19, I started the fifth week at Origin Code Academy. Over the weekend, I had completed the Knockout JS tutorials, which introduced the basic concepts of Knockout JS(JavaScript) . JavaScript is a scripting language used by Web pages, and Knockout JS is a library of JavaScript functions that simplifies the implementation of Web page […]

Is it acceptable to cry in class?

By: Zak Dietzen In my last blog post I mentioned it being the hardest week yet. Well, this week surpassed that 10 fold. I really feel lost currently but I am excited to say that we wont be learning anymore new concepts or languages. This gives me a chance to go back and read over […]

Installing Node, NPM and Express on OSX from Scratch

By: @jeffwardcoding Prerequisites You need to have Git installed. By far, the easiest way to do this is with Homebrew. Follow these Homebrew Installation Instructions. Now that you’ve got Homebrew installed, use it to install Git from within your Terminal: $ brew install git Installing Node If you don’t have Git installed, use Homebrew to […]