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n00b News- CSS Only Sticky Footer

By Jason Land WARNING: INTERNET VERSION 10+ ONLY. I’ve started adding a footer to my Origin Code Academy projects that links to my Github, LinkedIn, and webdev website. I’m used to having a sticky footer done for me with what I used to use at work, or having enough content that it doesn’t matter. Since our projects […]

Proper hardware

By Jason Land New monitor day! There was a spare monitor up for grabs at class today so I grabbed it. We all come to class with just a laptop (though some more dedicated or experienced souls brought their own second monitor), so I felt like this was basically a necessity. I had forgotten how […]

11 hours today and 13 different API’s so far, to get POST working! #HUSTLE

By Fabian Martinez So lets see how many servers I built since starting my final project… 13 different ones, built from scratch and some built using express generator Software Developer coding ExpressJS PostgreSQL San Diego http://assets.tumblr.com/assets/html/like_iframe.html?_v=662afb16c40c53f44feaf453f106a197#name=fabproject&post_id=149008923597&color=black&rk=glwfxTtG&root_id=149008923597 littlemisscode: codingflumps: Never interrupt a programmer. This is why we wear headphones

Trip to Wonderland: Falling down coding rabbit holes

By Mark Srethabahkti For my final project, I am making a “Very Simple Sign-in Sheet Application” (or V triple-S A for short) for my dance coach’s studio. I’ve broken the project down into 3 week long sprints with the last week for any spillover user stories and debugging moving towards the final presentation date on […]

End of the Day, End of the Week

By Jason Land Well hot damn, that was a hell of a first week at Origin Code Academy. As one of the students with some previous experience, I became the unofficial teaching assistant. I finally know what my old CTO felt like whenever I pestered him on Glip. My classmates made my brain sweat and commuting […]

n00b News- Adding Texture to your Site

By Jason Land The first week at Origin Code Academy is mostly focused on JavaScript basics. A lot of our first projects look very much the same, especially once our teacher introduces CSS frameworks to us (Bootstrap is popular, but I prefer Pure). However, the blank backgrounds can be boring, despite Google’s full court press with Material Design. A […]

N00b News- A Git Cheatsheet for First-time Coders

By Jason Land TL;DR: JUST ENOUGH GIT TO BE DANGEROUS Make new repo on Github.com or Bitbucket.com, and a new project folder on your computer. Inside the folder type: git init git status git add name_of_files_to_commit git commit -m “description of this commit” git remote add origin git_repo_url git push -u origin master There was […]

Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave… With a box of SCRAPS!

By Mark Srethabhakti If you haven’t yet seen Marvel’s Iron Man, the 2008 adaptation of Elon Musk’s life as a mechanized superhero, this scene features the incomparable Jeff Bridges as tech CEO Obadiah Stane approaching a flustered engineer, who struggles to explain to him that the technology required to build what he has asked for does not exist yet. Bridges calmly […]

My First Day at Origin Code Academy

By Jason Land I remember from grade school that first days are usually an intoxicating mix of excitement and anxiety. I’d have thought that being 30 would put me past that, but my lack of sleep last night proved me wrong. I’m known to lag in the morning so I wanted to start a routine […]