N00b News- A Git Cheatsheet for First-time Coders

By Jason Land TL;DR: JUST ENOUGH GIT TO BE DANGEROUS Make new repo on Github.com or Bitbucket.com, and a new project folder on your computer. Inside the folder type: git init git status git add name_of_files_to_commit git commit -m “description of this commit” git remote add origin git_repo_url git push -u origin master There was […]

Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave… With a box of SCRAPS!

By Mark Srethabhakti If you haven’t yet seen Marvel’s Iron Man, the 2008 adaptation of Elon Musk’s life as a mechanized superhero, this scene features the incomparable Jeff Bridges as tech CEO Obadiah Stane approaching a flustered engineer, who struggles to explain to him that the technology required to build what he has asked for does not exist yet. Bridges calmly […]

My First Day at Origin Code Academy

By Jason Land I remember from grade school that first days are usually an intoxicating mix of excitement and anxiety. I’d have thought that being 30 would put me past that, but my lack of sleep last night proved me wrong. I’m known to lag in the morning so I wanted to start a routine […]

Day One

By Ryan Wilson It is 1:28 P.M. and I am more than half way through my first day of Software Development bootcamp. I have a great feeling about how things are going. I will admit I have a lot of anxiety about getting through the bootcamp and showing my best work. I feel as though […]

5 Tips for Incoming Cohorts or: What I wished I had known on my first day of class

By Mark Srethabhakti With my group project completed and presented and the new cohort starting today, I thought I would take some time to welcome the new class and share some survival tips! The “Parking structure that’s down the street” in the FAQ is Horton Plaza’s Fruits and Vegetable parking structureIf you are planning on paying […]

Never too late to start: 8 weeks at Origin Code Academy

By Mark Srethabhakti Greetings and salutations! Today marks the end of the 8th week here at Origin Code Academy’s 2016 Summer cohort (Go Fighting Ducklings!). On my very first day, Origin CEO Jeff Winkler walked into the classroom and in between many great tips, recommended that everyone start a blog to document our experiences. Like most great […]

Broken Code

By Fabian Martinez Get comfortable with having your code broken…that is one thing that I am coming good with coping with…a lot of people say failure but I don’t think of it that way (“being a developer you have to get good with dealing with failure every day…”)…the reason is because failure only happens when […]

Writing Good Angular Code

By Cameron Wilby We’re big fans of John Papa at Origin Code Academy. The work that he and the Angular community have put into writing style guides not only for Angular 1.X, but also for the upcoming 2.X release is awesome. Personally what I like about the guide is that lots of the style points come […]