Day One

By Ryan Wilson It is 1:28 P.M. and I am more than half way through my first day of Software Development bootcamp. I have a great feeling about how things are going. I will admit I have a lot of anxiety about getting through the bootcamp and showing my best work. I feel as though […]

5 Tips for Incoming Cohorts or: What I wished I had known on my first day of class

By Mark Srethabhakti With my group project completed and presented and the new cohort starting today, I thought I would take some time to welcome the new class and share some survival tips! The “Parking structure that’s down the street” in the FAQ is Horton Plaza’s Fruits and Vegetable parking structureIf you are planning on paying […]

Never too late to start: 8 weeks at Origin Code Academy

By Mark Srethabhakti Greetings and salutations! Today marks the end of the 8th week here at Origin Code Academy’s 2016 Summer cohort (Go Fighting Ducklings!). On my very first day, Origin CEO Jeff Winkler walked into the classroom and in between many great tips, recommended that everyone start a blog to document our experiences. Like most great […]

Broken Code

By Fabian Martinez Get comfortable with having your code broken…that is one thing that I am coming good with coping with…a lot of people say failure but I don’t think of it that way (“being a developer you have to get good with dealing with failure every day…”)…the reason is because failure only happens when […]

Writing Good Angular Code

By Cameron Wilby We’re big fans of John Papa at Origin Code Academy. The work that he and the Angular community have put into writing style guides not only for Angular 1.X, but also for the upcoming 2.X release is awesome. Personally what I like about the guide is that lots of the style points come […]

My Life as a Coder – Week 2

By Dangermin Field As the title of this blog indicates, this is about my life, challenges, wins and goals as a coder, which I’m thinking about changing to “Developer”. I wish I could write in here everyday but one challenge any new developer in a bootcamp like Origin Code Academy will learn, is that time is one of […]

My life as a coder Week 1, Day 2

By: Dangermin Field Today I embarked on a path that I’ve been seen in my horizon for years.  I started computer coding.  I’ve worked for over 18 years as an electronic technician and have always been curious about learning how to program the devices that used & repaired. The last three years of my career […]

Duck… Duck… QUACK!

By: Zak Dietzen After a great holiday break we are back at it. Quack is going to pretty much consume the rest of class time for me, but I am excited about that! I started off the project thinking about my database structure. This takes a lot of time to plan out and get correct. […]