A Week Worth Smiling About!

By: Zak Dietzen I ended up getting a slight cold and it really drained all of my energy this past weekend. Despite the small setback, this week has been awesome! I felt like I was completely lost last week working with Knockout, but now Zak is back! We learned about an alternative to KnockoutJS this […]

Fifth Week in Coding Bootcamp: Knockout JS, Front-End and Full-Stack Web Development, Bootstrap, Bower

By: Karen Snyder On October 19, I started the fifth week at Origin Code Academy. Over the weekend, I had completed the Knockout JS tutorials, which introduced the basic concepts of Knockout JS(JavaScript) . JavaScript is a scripting language used by Web pages, and Knockout JS is a library of JavaScript functions that simplifies the implementation of Web page […]

Origin coding bootcamp San Diego

Is it acceptable to cry in class?

By: Zak Dietzen In my last blog post I mentioned it being the hardest week yet. Well, this week surpassed that 10 fold. I really feel lost currently but I am excited to say that we wont be learning anymore new concepts or languages. This gives me a chance to go back and read over […]

Installing Node, NPM and Express on OSX from Scratch

By: @jeffwardcoding Prerequisites You need to have Git installed. By far, the easiest way to do this is with Homebrew. Follow these Homebrew Installation Instructions. Now that you’ve got Homebrew installed, use it to install Git from within your Terminal: $ brew install git Installing Node If you don’t have Git installed, use Homebrew to […]

Fourth Week in Coding Bootcamp: SQL, Entity Framework, Writing REST APis

By: @kd_snyder On October 12 the fourth week began. Over the weekend I had completed the SQL tutorials at Codecademy and SQLZoo, so I had written a lot of SQL queries and was ready to go! I struggled a bit with the more complex queries in SQLZoo involving subqueries and joining tables, and I need to find some more […]

Week 4 Review

Origin Student n. [Oh-re-jen Stew-dent] An organism that turns Coffee and Soylent into software. This week we covered 3 main topics. Databases We kicked off this week by learning about Structured Query Language, which is a standard set of instructions to manage databases and provide a set of operations to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data in a […]

The Revealing Module Pattern || JavaScript Design Patterns

By: @jeffwardcoding The Revealing Module Pattern Now that we’re a little more familiar with the module pattern, let’s take a look at a slightly improved version – Christian Heilmann’s Revealing Module pattern. The Revealing Module pattern came about as Heilmann was frustrated with the fact that he had to repeat the name of the main […]

Things are getting interesting

Written by: @zakdietzen This week we dove into the wonderful world of API’s. We were given an introduction to API’s and how they worked Monday in class. We were then told to build a program that fetched github data about a user and displays that information to us. It was a great first exercise. It […]