6 Things Software Developers Should Avoid During A Technical Interview

If you are preparing for a technical interview you should be coding every day.  It can also be helpful to get some practice with the mechanics of solving code challenges.  Finally, review the following, and prepare to demonstrate your ability to problem solve and code. Here are 6 tips to help you pass your next coding technical interview.

8 Keys To Solving Hard Problems And Being A Resourceful Software Engineer

Being resourceful is one of the core values that software engineers need to be effective at solving hard problems. The following are 8 keys to being resourceful in development. Origin Code Academy is an immersive coding bootcamp. The students are able to do everything from building and deploying back in dev ops type tasks to front end design and making sure that their site looks polished and is kinda ready to present to the world.

Origin Code Academy Graduate Hired At Facebook As Software Engineer

Larry Custodio recently graduated from Origin Code Academy and most recently accepted a position as a software engineer at Facebook after attending our coding bootcamp in San Diego, California. Larry’s persistence as a student at Origin shows how with hard work and persistence, you can achieve success and find a career in software development that you love.

How Can You Get Started In Software Development | Origin Code Academy

3 Awesome Reasons You Should Become a Software Developer | Origin Code Academy

How To Apply To Origin Code Academy Software Developer Bootcamp Program

Here at Origin, the admissions process consists of two in-person interviews. The first time, no pressure, come down, meet the instructors, talk to our current students, talk to our students who graduated last week and they’re on the job hunt and they’ve completed the course.

Tips for Coding Bootcamp Graduates To Land Software Development Positions

MindTouch has been pivotal for Origin Code Academy graduates continue to grow their careers, grow their skill sets, and now they’re paying pivotal points at MindTouch.

100 Origin Code Academy Graduates Officially Hired as Developers

How To Go From Software Developer Bootcamp Student to Employed Graduate

We host monthly meet-ups at our office for the job script community here. So there’s a lot of different ways that you can engage with the Origin team and what we’re doing here.