Origin Code Academy Student Testimonial | From Sales to Software Development

Miguel used to work in sales before he became a student at Origin Code Academy. He didn’t feel like the traditional four year university was for him. He is now more fulfilled knowing that he has a set of skills that not just anybody has.

Origin Code Academy Students and Alumni Share Their Motivations For Learning To Code

Origin Code Academy’s full emphasis is to train you to be ready on the first day of the job. Start your software development career in just 3 months.

Here are some testimonials from our Alumni and Students.

100 Origin Code Academy Graduates Officially Hired as Developers

Student Testimonial by Julie Hawn | Origin Code Academy

Julie Hawn  is a student of Origin Code Academy. She was working in non-profit development for most of her career didn’t see that as a lifetime career.

Origin worked for Julie because Origin enables students to work at their own pace.