Student Testimonial by Julie Hawn | Origin Code Academy

Julie Hawn  is a student of Origin Code Academy. She was working in non-profit development for most of her career didn’t see that as a lifetime career.

Origin worked for Julie because Origin enables students to work at their own pace.

How To Apply To Origin Code Academy Software Developer Bootcamp Program

In tech, and especially in San Diego, everybody just wants to help everybody else. Especially in coding where they’ve been where you are, and they’ve been in an entry-level job, they know what the struggle’s like.

Origin Code Academy gets a lot of support from the community because we’re helping develop more talent that will attract more companies to San Diego.

How To Go From Software Developer Bootcamp Student to Employed Graduate

We host monthly meet-ups at our office for the job script community here. So there’s a lot of different ways that you can engage with the Origin team and what we’re doing here.

Why You Need to Boss Bots, Before They Boss You

All of us who have watched The Terminator films are well-aware that robots are going to take over the world and destroy mankind using artificial intelligence. According to the script, it should happen sometime before 2029. However, now is not the time to worry about that. The more relevant and more immediate concern is that […]

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5 Reasons Kids Should Drop Out and Tune into Becoming a Software Developer

You see it happen in professional sports all the time. A new prodigy arrives on the scene, one who oozes with god-given natural talent, and begins living out his (or her) manifest destiny by dominating the game. Our contemporary examples include the likes of Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Serena Williams, and Bryce Harper.  All uber-talented, and all knew at a very young age that they weren’t going to be sitting behind a desk for a living.

Yet, far away from the bright lights of the playing field and ball courts, there’s a very similar talent emerging in the ambient glow of a computer screen.  You likely won’t ever know their names, and you won’t be seeing them appear on any television commercials. However, they too are destined to reign supreme in their trade, and have a major impact on their organization – and potentially the world.

My Life as a Coder – Week 2

By Dangermin Field As the title of this blog indicates, this is about my life, challenges, wins and goals as a coder, which I’m thinking about changing to “Developer”. I wish I could write in here everyday but one challenge any new developer in a bootcamp like Origin Code Academy will learn, is that time is one of those […]

Demo Day at Origin Code Academy

We have the final projects from our current Cohort 8.0 on display. After all their hard work and partnering with local entrepreneurs, they will present their web and mobile apps to a panel of Employers, Family and Friends!