Week 4 Review

Origin Student n. [Oh-re-jen Stew-dent] An organism that turns Coffee and Soylent into software. This week we covered 3 main topics. Databases We kicked off this week by learning about Structured Query Language, which is a standard set of instructions to manage databases and provide a set of operations to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data in a […]

The Revealing Module Pattern || JavaScript Design Patterns

By: @jeffwardcoding The Revealing Module Pattern Now that we’re a little more familiar with the module pattern, let’s take a look at a slightly improved version – Christian Heilmann’s Revealing Module pattern. The Revealing Module pattern came about as Heilmann was frustrated with the fact that he had to repeat the name of the main […]

Things are getting interesting

Written by: @zakdietzen This week we dove into the wonderful world of API’s. We were given an introduction to API’s and how they worked Monday in class. We were then told to build a program that fetched github data about a user and displays that information to us. It was a great first exercise. It […]

#TBT Sinking and Swimming: Surviving Week 1

By: TJ Delaney @TJDelaney0 SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 Week 1: Looking back on week one is equal parts fulfilling and horrifying, and I’m not sure just how to feel about that yet – obscure enough? With so much more to learn, it’s near unfathomable to visualize myself coding fluently in a few months time. Sure, I […]

Week 1 Review

The first week of our Fall class is over – so what have our students been up to? Implementing Agile Development with Scrum One of the most popular exponents of Agile Development is Scrum – an iterative project management methodology used to manage product development. We made it a point to introduce this to the class on […]

First day of Class

Today we held our first day of class in the awesome EvoNexus building. Our students got to know each other a little bit with a few group exercises, then after covering the ground rules of the course we jumped straight in and talked about Scrum and how it will be a big part of managing their projects […]