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San Diego’s Tech Scene is Growing

San Diego is awesome. It’s thriving, growing, fun, beautiful and chill. It’s full of people with a great work/life balance.

“San Diego is one of only five metros with above average concentration of developers and better than average retention.”

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Software development is one of the most fulfilling career choices for many. Our students graduate with the ability to start working in software and the internet of things. It's exciting and it pays well.

Entering the world of development is challenging, exciting and rewarding. Hard work begets success, and success begets freedom. There is a high demand for developers in our economy, and the supply of developers simply does not meet the demand. Being in demand creates freedom, and freedom is what allows us to live the type of lives that we want to live.

Whether you're looking for a positive change in your career, or you're looking for an awesome career to get started in, software development is an awesome choice. We are addicted to changing lives for the better, by teaching awesome skills in full-stack software development.

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